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Innovation Toolkit - "Game of Tech"


We have a world class and best practice Innovation Framework & Toolkit to help you get started or power your Innovation Capability to bring Innovation opportunities to life.

Our "Game of Tech" Innovation Toolkit has been designed combining leading edge methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Value-Proposition Design, Business Model Generation and Agile. It leverages on best practices including those shared by thought leaders such as IDEO, Stanford University, Google Venture, MIT Lab, Coca-Cola, General Electrics, Samsung, etc.

It has also been refined continuously leveraging on the hundreds of programs and workshops we have been running either in public or private settings (including as part of startup or corporate Accelerator Programs,  Amplification Lab engagements and public training conducted globally) which have involved close to 1000 thousands of participants.

It takes into account real life insights working with startups, SMEs, accelerator programs and Innovation professionals out there. Our model has been constantly bench-marked and refined iteratively against other innovation approaches, accelerator models, entrepreneurial methodologies out there which we have been exposed to - either helping design, implement, facilitate programs or simply providing facilitation, coaching or mentoring services. 

Work with us to leverage on our experience and deep expertise. We do not believe there is one model, we just think our Game of Tech Innovation Framework is awesome and can help others get started or improve how they design, implement, improve or operate their own capability / program. 

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