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Companies at all stages of their life-cycle and across all industries need to constantly innovate & transform themselves to grow and adapt to an ever-changing environment.


There is no such thing as "business as usual". Innovation, velocity, agility and ability to transform have become key competitive advantages.


Our vision is to help companies meet those new imperatives. We help organizations solve their innovation and/or  transformation challenges.


We help organisations become more agile, innovative and highly adaptable to change.


Our work is powered by innovation - we embrace and apply the same mindset & methods that we preach to reduce time to value for you.


The ASA Amplification Lab is a core part of ASA Advisory Services Pte Ltd Consulting solutions. For a maximum impact, both work hand in hand.

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Eric Saint-Andre

Founder & CEO

Eric is a leading expert in design thinking, innovation, business model innovation, new business design and startup acceleration.


He is the Founder and Managing Director of ASA Advisory Services, a leading Innovation Consultancy based in Singapore and also the founder of Augmented Tribe, a tech-startup offering an Innovation Platform to support organisations' innovation and digital transformation initiatives. Eric is finally the founder of Singapore Ideas Lab, a local community of 750 entrepreneurs, and co-founder of The IdeasCollider!, an Innovation, Startups & Technology conference.

Eric has worked hand in hand with hundreds of corporate innovation teams as part of innovation programs he has designed and facilitated. He has also accelerated in excess of 100 startups in South East Asia working hand in hand with each one of those over the past nine years.

With years of practical knowledge and experience in innovation methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Future-Driven Business Innovation,  Business Model Innovation, Eric has helped numerous large MNCs, local enterprises and public organisations (GovTech, SBF, SG Innovate, etc.)  designing and facilitating fit-for-purpose design thinking, innovation and transformation programs, to help them become more agile, innovative and highly adaptable to change.

Eric is an adjunct faculty for Civil Service College in Singapore helping public servants adopt the toolset and mindset of innovators & entrepreneurs. Eric is finally a key partner to the IMD business school and helps deliver their leadership & innovation programs to local organisations, global MNCs as well as their annual MBA students in Switzerland.

We draw from a network of trusted and experienced thought leaders, advisors, consultants, coaches and facilitators as required.

ASA Amplification Labs is able to assemble the team that will deliver fit-for-purpose solutions.


ASA Associates share our vision and values, and live and breath our approach and philosophy. 


All ASA Associates have extensive corporate experience coupled with deep exposure to the startup and/or innovation ecosystem and we are all entrepreneurs. We are a new breed of consultants, coaches and advisors building tomorrow's organisations.

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