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Innovation Opportunities Mapping



We create a deeper understanding of your customers as well as technology and business trends that will help you frame (or fine-tune) your innovation opportunity space.



Our Innovation Opportunity Map provides you with:

- customer discovery & validation: profiling of your customers, JTBD, journey maps and their unmet needs to identify innovation opportunity from the perspective of your customers (or potential customers)

- technology trends you should be aware and that can be leveraged on 

- relevant business trends and environmental trends you should be surfing on

- business model innovation: identify potential innovation around your business model

- Innovation strategy & portfolio: forming a collective view around the range of opportunities and type of innovation you should go after.



Our analysts and design innovation professionals have extensive experience in Strategy, Opportunity Space Mapping, Customer Discovery, customer profiling, Innovation Portfolio design etc.



An Innovation Opportunities Mapping takes anything between 1 days to 3 days depending on the nature and depth of analysis you require. A more in-depth or continuous ("finger on the pulse") analysis can be performed as well on demand.



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