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Training Solutions



Our training sessions aim to introduce  a hot-topic or re-emphasise it, promote leading edge methodologies, trigger different ways of thinking, discover established operations and people through another angle. It augments the skills of your people and equip them with a new mindset, tools and connections.


Our training is different. Our training is simple. However our training is structured. It is focused on ensuring everyone learns something new, applies the concepts immediately, work and mingle with peers, managers and leaders in a different manner. Definitely not BAU.   


Our training solutions can be customised to fit varying & targeted audiences if need be. However we strongly believe that you will get most value in bringing along a diversity of people - different levels, different BUs, functions, roles, etc. This is generally when the magic occurs.


The date and duration of training sessions can be fully customised. However we feel that 3 hour is the bare minimum to plant a small seed. More involved programs over a couple of days, as part of leaderhip programs or similar initiatives can also be designed. The sweet spot and our preference is one full day immersion.


You like the comfort and safety of your office? Fine, we can work with this. However here again our advice for maximum results is to get out of the building. You need to start from changing the environment to initiate real change in people. We can arrange innovative out of the box venues to make it as awesome as possible.


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