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What is ASA's Amplification Lab?

Our mission is to help organisations of all size on their innovation & transformation journey. We leverage on Human-Centered Methodologies to initiate, accelerate change and drive efficiencies. 


We recognise that effective innovation and/or business transformation starts from people. Beyond existing management systems, frameworks, foundations that might already be in place, people  are the connecting points in your business ecosystem.


At The Amplification Lab, we amplify people. We like planting seeds by designing and delivering inspiring talks, targeted training and workshops to ultimately help you:


  • initiate and/or accelerate transformation & change initiatives and facilitate implementing the strategy

  • initiate and/or accelerate innovation

  • build a culture of  innovation, agility, and business-transformation readiness by expanding the mindset, tools, skillset and competencies of your people: leaders, managers and employees alike. 


We design fit-for-purpose  solutions to fit your needs whether you simply want to raise awareness on a given topic, learn & apply new concepts and methodologies, amplify the culture through team building, and/or support a structured change / business transformation management / business acceleration plan.


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